Our Products

Handcrafted in London from a carefully selected blend of aromatic oils and the finest pure ingredients, our lifestyle range of skincare, body products, room fragrances and candles have been formulated to balance mind, body and soul. We believe that nature can provide us with everything we need to nourish and support our wellbeing. Our consciously crafted blends are organic wherever possible,free from parabens, sulphates and harsh additives.

Our Artisan Wellbeing blend contains top notes of Green Mandarin, Jasmine, Coriander & Ylang Ylang. We have carefully curated a selection of natural ingredients to recreate the harmony and wellbeing offered within our environment at 58 Wellbeing Centre.  Artisan Wellbeing embodies the balance of female and male energies of inner reflection and outer expansion. The bright refreshing top notes give our blend a fresh, optimistic scent which helps to bring about clarity enabling us to feel balanced and harmonised.

 “Our products were created to answer a call for more sustainable and natural living. In a world stuck in fast forward lifestyles filled with synthetic living and instant gratification, 58 lifestyle offers a purer, natural solution which is both sustainable and nourishing for the body and soul.

The 58 Wellbeing Centre

58 Wellbeing Centre, Mayfair, London was founded by Michal Cohen-Sagi and Noam Sagi. The centre was built on the belief that wellbeing, health and beauty should be treated by a 360º approach to wellness and that through this approach we can fully support our clients’ needs. 58 offers an environment seeped in harmony and tranquility, giving clients a deeper sense of wellbeing. The centre is a uniquely rounded clinical practice with some of London’s top mind and body therapists, including integrated health, holistic treatments and western medical practitioners.

58 Lifestyle Products are brought to you by the experts at 58 Wellbeing Centre, offering an extension of our core belief that wellbeing should be applied to all areas of your life. Using a unique blend of pure and natural ingredients, sourced organically whenever possible, our carefully crafted products have been blended to balance and soothe mind, body and soul. Live well with 58.