Artisan Wellbeing: The Story of our Scent

Complimenting our 360º  approach to wellbeing, we have formulated our signature scent, combining aromatic Green Mandarin, Geranium, Coriander, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. These therapeutic aromatic oils have healing elements that work to still your mind and soothe your body and soul, enhancing a sense of happiness and perpetuating an uplifted state of being.

Scent is a huge trigger for many different emotions and sensations within each individual, with the power to transport us to a place from the past, remind us of a fond memory or set the mood for an evening of relaxation and pampering. When considering scent as a healing method, we can tap into a variety of emotions that positively react and evoke sensations in the body.  

“Our hand selected ingredients have been mindfully and expertly considered by 58 Wellbeing Centre co-founder Michal. Having worked with the therapists at 58 so closely and observing the benefits that their treatments and therapies bring to their clients, Michal carefully selected aromas that were directly associated with bringing balance and harmony to one’s life in order to mirror the very benefits of all of the 58 therapies and treatments available in 58 Wellbeing. Geranium has been shown to prevent mood swings and balance adrenals and hormones, whilst the floral notes of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang boost self esteem and balance emotions, and zesty green mandarin providing calming and anti-depressive qualities.”

Rather than filling our homes with synthetic fragrances which are fast proving to be detrimental to our health, the whole plant essences in our natural oils can be incredibly beneficial to our constitution. The complexity of hand selected blends results in a fresh, vibrant and truly unique scent, full of top, base and central notes that will be smelt differently and vary dependant on the user and surroundings.

Eliminating the strong, synthetic smell derived from petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances, the live plant energy held within each 58 Lifestyle product showcases the abundant offerings from nature, grounding and connecting us with the earth. Natural aromas are bottled by hand in small batches, instead of large factories using machinery. 

“By investing in whole plant essences in natural scents, we are supporting farms, crafters and artisan distillers who use ethical and sustainable practices of growing, harvest and commerce.”