Behind the Brand: Christel Lundqvist, STIL Salon

Nov 30 ,2016 Writen By: Daniel Ciornei

Next to be featured in our exclusive interview series is Christel Lundqvist, founder of STIL Salon, a haven of hair styling and colouring nestled in the heart of Notting Hill. Walking into the salon, you can expect to be met with the scent of frankincense and cedar wood and a distinctly Scandi sense of style, honed by Christel to instil a warm and welcoming feeling. We love that she has incorporated her own ideals into her business model and created a unique, cosy space for people to enjoy a pampering, relaxing experience.

Similarly to 58 Wellbeing Centre, Stil offers a place to unwind and focus on your comfort and wellbeing – a Hygge match made in heaven!

What led you to start up STIL?

I have been very fortunate throughout my career to travel and work on global education projects, so it felt like a natural progression for me to start my own business and go back to working in a salon, where I can bring all of that experience to it. Whilst still working on other projects. It’s been something I have wanted to do for a long time.

We love that STIL provides a tailor made approach to colouring and cutting, taking into account the individual. How do you create this kind of intimate environment in the salon?

The consultation process is very important in order to create something tailor made for all clients. We utilise our waiting area to spend time with clients before we start a service – sitting them around our table which feels more homely than salon. We also make sure we spend time with the client from start to finish for an intimate service rather than passing them over to assistants. Before any colour service we utilise colour consultation tools which adds to the experience as the tools and assessment process is bespoke for the individual.

How important are sustainable processes to you?

It’s a very important process and something we support as much as we can in our industry and business. Coming from a Scandinavian background where this is part of everyday life, this type of approach is something that I lean towards.

Do you have a favourite scent that you can’t do without?

I love fragrances and I can’t leave the house without Volutes by Diptyque. In the salon we burn oils such as cedar wood and frankincense, and that is the first thing we put on every morning to give the salon a warm and welcoming feel.

How important is wellbeing to your life?

Very important – I try to live my life with a mind, body and soul approach. It’s very difficult the moment to get the balance right as the business takes up a lot of my time, but I make sure everything I put into my body is healthy and that I take time to clear my head and give myself a break wherever possible.

How do you make the most of your own living/work space to ensure your wellbeing?

I make sure I get up early every morning to have time to myself before I catch up on emails before the day starts. I also make sure I have one day a week that is just for me and my partner to re-charge and clear my mind. When I set up the salon it was very important to me to create a space that had a layout and energy that is zen. A lot of clients often comment that the salon feels relaxed even when it’s very busy and I really do think that this is due to the fragrances we burn and the atmosphere we create in the salon, along with how we take the clients through the salon journey, start to finish.

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