Michal Cohen-Sagi

Michal Cohen-Sagi spent 16 years working for leading international corporate companies travelling the world, eating sporadically and unhealthily until the effects started to take their toll on her health. What ensued was a voyage of self-discovery as Michal looked to regain a positive state via the path of natural medicine and alternative therapies. This “reset” of her mind and body further encouraged her decision to open the 58 South Molton St Wellbeing Clinic with her husband Noam, a leading clinical psychotherapist. In recognition of the clinic’s tenth anniversary, Michal decided to channel the positive experiences and nurturing effects of the clinic’s environment into a scent, that would reflect the clinic and could be used at home to continue that feeling of support.

By working closely with the skilled therapists in the clinic and truly understanding the healing and nurturing properties of natural ingredients, Michal has blended a wonderful marriage of aromatic oils and pure, organically sourced ingredients that are based on her personal therapeutic journey. The Balancing Blend is designed to rebalance and harmonise the mind, body and soul. This iconic scent is infused into all of the 58 Lifestyle and bodycare products. The 58 Lifestyle collection was developed to encourage all around to feel the real and proven benefits of transitioning to natural- based products and remaining mindful of personal and environmental wellbeing and is an expression of Michal’s personal journey from a busy fast forward lifestyle to an ambassador for self-healing.

Following years of experience in business development, marketing and a track record of delivering growth & profit in some of the worlds top businesses, Michal put her wisdom into co-founding 58 Wellbeing Centre with her husband, Noam Sagi.

“58 Wellbeing Centre is a business with a soul and is a reflection of who we are and what we believe in, says Michal. “58 Wellbeing Centre offers a unique approach of 360 degrees of wellbeing to everyone who is looking after themselves on any aspects of physical, emotional and spiritual lifestyle aspects.

Michal Cohen-Sagi is available for interviews, advice and expert quotes. For more information on Michal Cohen-Sagi or 58 Lifestyle products to 58 Wellbeing Centre, please contact Abbi Holland at our marketing team at  or 02077061997.