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High Mood Food

High Mood Food is a pure food grab & go with a veg-centric approach. The dishes are enriched by fermented foods that produce immune boosting B Vitamins and beneficial bacteria for optimal digestion. The result is highly energising and immune boosting mood food that is nourishing for both the brain and gut.



Urb-it offers personalised same-day deliveries to London customers. Urbers bring your products at the exact time and place you choose, in as little as an hour - no waiting at home for a delivery! Urbers only travel by foot, bike or by public transport, meaning there’s no additional environmental impact.


Urban Massage

Urban Massage believe wellness services are not a luxury. They are as important as a wholesome diet and regular exercise in keeping a healthy body and a happy, focused mind. Their mission is to make wellness services accessible for those living in a busy urban setting and this is achieved by using cutting edge technology to seamlessly connect users to wellness services they want – whenever and wherever they want them.


Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger live and breath independent brands. They have made it their mission to provide a platform for emerging designers to thrive by reaching new audiences and pride themselves on stocking the world’s best independent brands. Items that you order will be sent to you directly from the small business that designed, created or made your product, to wherever you are in the world, resulting in fast shipping times for you.


Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga Highbury and Islington offers Bikram Hot Yoga and a variety of additional yoga styles such as Jivamukti, Dynamic Vinyasa, Yogasana, Rocket Yoga, Yin and High Intensity Interval Training, Inferno Pilates. Bikram yoga is founded in the belief that a body with a strong healthy spine wants to cure itself and that regular yoga practice is an effective and natural method toward that healing. London's best and most experienced teachers practice and teach at Bikram Yoga Highbury and Islington and with their help, all students, old and new can empower their mind, body and well being. The Studio is situated 2 minutes from Holloway Road Tube Station and 10 minutes walk from Highbury and Islington Overground Station.


Vegan Lounges

Vegan Lounges goal is to help people reimagining healthy living. Through delicious food and lifestyle inspiration, their aim is for everyone to taste how easy a healthy lifestyle can be. With a belief that you don’t need more things to create a beautiful life, just a handful of things, their ambition is to simplify, beautify and transform lives of everyone with whom crosses their path, sharing eight easy principles to healthy, whole living.


The Rake

Championing the bespoke, the unique, promoting artisanal craftsmanship, detail in product, legitimate luxury, heritage and timeless elegance. Celebrating the pleasure of dressing well, living well, and conducting’ oneself with a certain modern, cosmopolitan sense of style and savoir-faire. Elevating gentlemanly elegance and downright rakishness, The Rake is the modern voice of classic, modern elegance.


The Oblique Life

The Oblique Life is a members’ club and lifestyle management service that makes socialising in your city easy, interesting and life-affirming. Members join a network of genuine, sociable people with access to unique members-only events, bespoke experience curation and exclusive benefits at the city’s best restaurants, brands and venues.

Room Scents

Uplift environments and set the mood

Hand Care

Soothe, heal and replenish

Body Care

Nourish, restore and moisturise